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Cinematic Depicton of Love & Sex - Explicit Sex Reflection (EN)

The Introction Post of RSM  focusses the question: can a movie represent the inner connection between males and females, their affection and erotism and their true relationship, when they celebrate intimate love and passionate sex? It's always exciting to explore how far directors and actors go in movies nowadays to explore the limits of human relations. It's inspiring to watch their use of a sensual and also passionate bodylanguage to achieve real lustful sex games on screen. And of course it's stimulating if they pass courageously overpowered conventions and break old traditional taboos. Especially when they work ruthless thus shocking the people or challenge them to make the audience thoughtful.
The following EXPLICIT SEX REFLECTION shows the basics and requirements for a true cinematic depiction of love and sex. The search for today's authentic lifestyle moves in the border area between softcore sex and hardcore pornography.

Martina Gedeck and Robert Seeliger present
impressively Love, Kissing and Passion in SUMMER 04

 Cinematic Depicton of Love & Sex

Explicit Sex Reflection

Miriam Mayet and Matthias Faust
experiments with real sex in BEDWAYS (2010).

Is it possible to present the great experience of love and sex appropriate in a softcore or hardcore film? German director R.P. Kahl reflects about this question in his current movie BEDWAYS. His protagonists try to explore how love can be revealed while they have real sex in front of the camera. Their result can be watched on DVD in February 2011. 

BEDWAYS' forceful director R P Kahl

Limits of Love and Sex Movies
Are celebrities capable to make true love and real sex when they are filmed and portray it authentic on screen? The answer finally depend on the artistic interpretation of the protagonists. If they are open-minded and brave to do intimate copulation it's no problem for them to perform real sex of course. But true love depend on personal feeling and touching the hearts and can not be ordered certainly. So it remains a mission impossible to show true love in a movie, only real sex. 

Heather Graham and Joseph Finnes
feel erotical attraction in KILLING ME SOFTLY (2002).

Possibilities of Love and Sex Movies
On the other side the movie style real sex has a big erotical potency to perform the bodylanguage of love. The required base for the mates is to feel tingly and notice amorous attraction. If a carismatic couple creates an amatory ambience at the set it's very easy for the participants to develop into real sexual actions. Following free their carnal appetite the cinematic lovers have a great chance toget involved to each other intimate and to devote themselves unrestrained. A playful unification of naked bodies celebrated sentimental as well as passionate is the best way for causing climax and eventually ecstasy.

 Heather Graham and Joseph Finnes
celebrate passionate sex in KILLING ME SOFTLY (2002).

Denotation of Love and Sex Movies
Strictly a such performed intercourse is real sex, but no true love. However it can be characterised as a true erotical and sexual action testifying to the imagination of love. Or as authentic interpretation of love-making without love, but representing love. The allusion to love or better the analogy to love, the complement to love is an essential part of sexuality and subsists in each sexual action. Therefore filmmakers and celebrities should be free and courageous to use the style of real sex in movies as equitable expression of love.

 Emmanuelle Huchet and Cedric Walter
making love in LA PETITE SOURIS aka THE TOOTH FAIRY (FR 2007).

Conditions of Erotical Sex Movies
What are needful properties of males and females to create a congenial love and sex story for the cinema? The celebs primary challenge is to give the viewers an imagination of great love and inspire them by erotical sex. To complete this mission it's necessary to convince on three levels: 

 Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke
fuse together with passionate additction in WILD ORCHID (1989).

1. Outside: Physical Appearence
2. Inside: Spiritual Personality
3. Centric: Emotional Character

Physical Appearence
The first level is the outside physical appearence which requests
- young celebs
- likeable figure
- attractive nudity
- bouncing flesh
- appealing bodies

Spiritual Personality
The second level is the inside spiritual personality which requires
- congenial appearence
- playful assignment
- courageous performance
- self-evident sexual practise

- energetic action

Emotional Character
The third level finally is the centric emotional character to which belong

- elemental relationship
- sensitive creativity
- passionate addiction
- erotical enthusiasm
- convincing charisma

Annett Renneberg & Simon Böer in DEVOT (2003) as well as
Heather Graham & Joseph Finnes in KILLING ME SOFTLY (2002)
reveal their naked bodies, ready to celebrate intimate, sensual sex.

 Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke
dedicate to unrestrained real sex in WILD ORCHID (1989).

The filmic portrayal of intimate love can be presented persuasive by softcore or hardcore sex. The ambitious challenge for celebrities is to use erotical body language representative for deep love. The protagonists uncover their bodies and show their flesh. But hopefully they reveal much more emotions and passions and celebrate real sex intensive with body and sou

 Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke fucking to ecstasy in WILD ORCHID (1989).


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