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Dominance & Submissiveness - A self-explaining Photo

Dominance and Submissiveness belong to our daily life. People are either dominant or they are submissiv. A dominant is a top who determines the daily life as a master. A submissive is a bottom who serves in everyday life as a kind of slave. These essence characteristics of humans and their behaviors root deep inside the soul of each person. It's the mission of each man and woman to recognize the own vocation and to live it out confident.

Dominance & Submissiveness

A self-explaing Photo

This photo was found by accident on some BDSM blogs. It's self-explanatory
and shows impressively the two basic human attitudes DOMINANCE and SUBMISSION.

Two different attitudes on one impressive photo
Two picture descriptions on different BDSM blogs are very helpful to understand the psychology which is expressed in the stimulating photo. The viewer sees two men, who are facing to each other. Both are completely naked. And they are also sexually aroused, having full erections. Although they are outwardly equal in their nudity, it can also be seen at once that they are inwardly totally different. The man on the left side is a submissive, while the man on the right side definitely is a dominant.

The eyes of the dominant permeates his opponent submissive.
You can feel as the top's eyes penetrates deep the soul of the bottom.

"The control that I have over you is rooted deep inside you. It is not limited to one thing nor is it self-defining. It is a part of you. I am part of you."

Both men are stimulated physically and mentally and their genitals are full erected.
The master remains calm and relaxed despite his sexual arousal, while the slave
even with his hard cock standing upright, proves his subservience in front of the master.

The sudden reality of learning what it is about to become can be terrifying to a boy. One can understand the fear of making that transition… ignoring those feelings will not make you forget them… and the desire you have inside can only be addressed by one course of action… for which you need to be trained properly.

Master and slave are grounded and standing on their naked feet.
The submissive (left) is firmly on the earth, where his natural place is.
While the dominant even standing makes clear that he is a top over the bottom.

A very attractive photo and good interpretations. In fact, it’s everyone’s mission to find out, what the inner desire is, deeply rooted in the soul. And it’s also necessary - an absolute MUST - to follow unconditionally the irresistible vocation deep inside yourself. That's the best way to realize oneself. It finally does no matter if you become a dominant master who determines over other subordinates. Or if you become a submissive slave which serves devotedly to a parent master.  The most important is, to live your own natural vocation consequently. That's the only way to get satisfied sustainably and to reach the desired bliss.

 Look again at the photo,
meditate on it
and recognize your own vocation!
"I am Dominant. I am nerdy. I am playful. I am meticulous. I am passionate.
I want you to be the best you can be for both yourself and me." 
A quotation from the blog TemptingDominance aka The Evolution of Desire

TemtingDominance - The Evolution of Desire 
(The Tranquility of Control. The Passion of Deliverance. The Exploration of Need.)

(The Blog is about the journey ObjectD will experience into absolute Objectification and Dehumanization.)

Privacy or Full Exposure? - Camilo reflects about Exposure Attitudes

It's the special of the Exposure blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED to interview the models while they are posing naked in front of the cam. Some models are probably so excited that they can say very little about how they decided to expose themselfes. Or what they feel in the moment when they make their public nude appearance. The recently published nude model Camilo Suarez from LA in USA is a positive stroke of luck, related his interview. The 23-year-old heterosexual reflects very mature about the importance of privacy. And also about the full exposure trend of the present and the future. He talks confidently during his first ever naked exposure. His thoughts are clear while at the same time he smiling shows his opend asshole for the anonymous public. RSM documents Camilo's three exposures on N&I and comments on his surprinsingly refreshing in-depth reflections. 

Camilo Suarez reveals smiling his naked body with trias ass, cock and balls.
So he shows impressively to the anonymous public what he thinks about privacy. 

Privacy or Full Exposure?

Camilo reflects about Exposure Attitudes

Camilo Suarez - A sympathetic Naked Model
Camilo was born on 23.01.1995. The 23-year-old heterosexual lives in Los Angeles (California, USA). He is grateful to be exposed on the demanding exposure blog NAKED AND INTERVIEWED. He makes three exposures on the naked trainer's blog and shows his openness while he opens his asshole to the voyeuristic viewers. Camilo is absolut shameless, which is of course a MUST BE for each exposure model. He loves his first naked appearence very much. There he reflects very inspiring about the end of privacy. And in addition he powerful promotes the new trend of full exposure! -
Thanks, Camilo, for your exposure! It's well done! - Keep on!

Exposure 1

Camilo spreads his legs and reveals his naked body: casual, cool, confident and smiling.


RSM - Comment
Camilo has a very sympathetic exposure. It’s a mature realization, that everybody makes the best advertisement by himself. The marketing and offering of the own naked body to the public is a successful and secure method to achieve attention and admiration. Especially if a career in the porn industry is desired. The use of your own naked body including genitals is the best capital and the biggest value a model has to offer in today's anonymous society.
Camilo you are very trendy and you fulfill your mission with body and soul, crowned by your charming smile. Continue

Exposure 2

Camilo is absoulte shameless as well as very liberal, also relating to his own nudity.

RSM - Comment
Camilo embodies today’s lifestyle in a great way. With his naked body as well as with his thoughts from the empathetic soul. His inner openness he shows externally impressively with the opening of his asshole along with his sympathitic and convincing smile for the anonymous public audience. 

Exposure 3

Camilo's first expsore on the blog N&I contains three different picture galleries.

RSM - Comment
Camilo’s in-depth reflections about privacy and full exposure are appreciated very much! In fact, the attitudes and incantations of privacy are terms and conditions of the past. Our today's society needs other appropriate expressions. RSM agrees to Camilo and his explanations about the new trend of the present: Full Exposure! What he has recognized is true and convincing!
Thanks, Camilo, that you are leading the way into the future by your own good example! Keep on! 

Camilo looks to the future and hopes for a great porno career.
Therefore he acts passionately with full physical effort including his genitals.
And he does not care about what his parents, family and friends think and say.

Naked and Interviewed

Camilo Suarez - (LA, USA) on N&I