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Andy Warhol's Artistic Work presented by ARTSY

ANDY WARHOL and his BLUE MOVIE (1969) was one of the first topics on this blog. Shortly after the launch in July 2009, RSM published several posts related to the experimental documentary of the unique popartist. For Warhol himself this movie was an artwork like all his films, photos, paintings and productions of all kind, coming out from his New York factory. Andy Warhol died in 1987. But his varied creative and artistic work lives on still today. One of the conveyors is the artistic blog ARTSY.

Screenprint on Rives BFK paper

Andy Warhol's Artistic Work

presented by ARTSY

A Request from ARTSY
Recently RSM received a request from ARTSY:
"My name is Diana, and I work at Artsy. While researching Andy Warhol, I found your page:
I wanted to briefly tell you about Artsy's Andy Warhol page, and about our mission.

ARTSY's Mission
We strive to make all of the world’s art accessible to anyone online. Our Andy Warhol page, for example, provides visitors with Warhol's bio, over 1500 of his works, exclusive articles, as well as up-to-date Warhol exhibition listings. The page even includes related artist & category tags, plus suggested contemporary artists, allowing viewers to continue exploring art beyond our Warhol page.

I’m contacting certain website & blog owners, and asking them to help us achieve our mission by adding a link to Artsy’s Andy Warhol page. In addition to spreading the word about our page, I believe your site visitors would enjoy this content.

If you are able to add a link to Artsy’s Warhol page, please let me know, as I’d love to share it with my team."

A good idea and and a demanding mission, which is supported by RSM.
Here are the links to ARTSY

ARTSY Homepage

ARTSY's Andy Warhol Page

Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas

"Art is what you can get away with"
Andy Warhol

A brief Insight to ARTSY's Andy Warhol Page

 Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas

, Silkscreen ink on paper, executed in 1977


Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board
- Screenprint 

Screen Print on Arches Aquarelle (Rough)


- Screenprint on Moulin du Verger paper.
Acrylic, silkscreen ink and diamond dust
  - 16mm, black and white, silent

- Graphite on HMP paper
  - Screenprint on Plexiglass

Screenprint in colors, on black wove paper
(From Love Series) - Screenprint on Rives BFK paper

, Blk. marker on paper 
Visit ARTSY's Andy Warhol Page

"Art is what you can get away with"
Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's Vision in BLUE MOVIE aka FUCK (1969)

Andy Warhol: "Everybody must have a fantasy."

"I'd always wanted to do a movie that was pure fucking, nothing else, the way Eat had been just eating and Sleep had been just sleeping. So in October '68 I shot a movie of Viva having sex with Louis Waldon. I called it just Fuck." 

 Andy Warhol about his documentary experiment BLUE MOVIE aka FUCK 1969

Viva & Louis perform real sex in front of the camera and show:

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Which Effect Causes Sex Scenes Among Young People?

Which effect have real sex scenes on TV to the viewers? Some comments to the gay penetration scene in the recent screened German TATORT film WE-YOU-THEY deal with this question. Concretely their focus is at younger viewers. And it is reflected, what the importance is of explicit TV sex in general and the gay fuck in special for the sexual development and maturity of young people. RSM invits the readers of this blog to share their opinion to this topic.

 A short 5 second homosexual scene in the TATORT movie WE-YOU-THEY:
Commissioner Karow (Mark Waschke) enjoys to be fucked by Fabian (Felix Betzin).

 Which Effect Causes Sex Scenes
Amoung Young People?

Are they educational valuable?

Do they strengthen sexual confidence?

Are they an encouragement
 to overcome the penetration anxiety?

An inscrutable liaison: What connects commissioner Robert Karow (Mark Waschke)
and his mysterious lover Fabian (Felix Betzin), beside their joyful intimacy?

Homosexual premiere in German series TATORT 
TATORT (crime scene) is a long living crime series in German TV. With the last movie WE-YOU-THEY (screened on June 5th on channel rbb / ARD) public television has broken a taboo and entered sexual unknown territory. For the first time the viewers was shown on Sunday evening at best family time (8.20 pm) a real penetration between two men. The gay scene happened in a private video, screened on PC in the Berlin police headquarters. The explosiveness of this gay fuck is: There are no dubious characters from the porn or crime milieu who are wildly exaggerated to each other. But one of the two gay sex partners is the Berlin police chief Robert Karow (Mark Waschke), the protagonist of this TATORT episode. His figure of a men loving investigator remains inscrutable. Is Karow really gay? Or is he bisexual? Anyway, he does not fit any scheme and has a mysterious private life, when he is off duty. He is an enigmatic hero and nobody knows what moves and haunts him. A single, open to homosexual love who confesses casual that he has fucked good.

Affirmative responses
There were numerous reactions regarding the homosexual TATORT scene. The vast majority was favorably and in agreement and there was no rejection. RSM selects two reactions from NIEDERGEMEIERT (Facebook) and JAN SCHNORRENBERG (Twitter). Both comment the effect of the gay penetration scene on young people. Their starting point are questions as: What causes an explicit sex scene on TV with adolescents? Has real sex in movies an educational significance? Especially for younger people in the maturation process?  Both comments are no profound investigations or psychological reflections. These are spontaneous remarks, short, concise and with a clear message directly to the youth.

A provocative gay penetration on German TV: The always active commissioner
is lying passive on his back with spread legs and gets fucked powerfully from his lover.

Live out your sex with self-confidence
NIEDERGEMEIERT is the name of a Facebook account holder. He quotes the reation of a colleague of the commissioner, while he watches the two men's penetration: "I can not believe it. The big nailer Karow gets fucked!" And he continues: 
"This is an important step for encouragement teenager and other homo- and bisexual people. The clear message is: You are not alone. Everywhere it's fucked! 

Whether the scene is now dramatically relevant or not: visibility will strengthen youth and other groups to live confidently their own sexuality. Thus it is also a contribution for enlightenment and for a 'normal' use of sex, the most natural thing in the world. 'Normality' in dealing with sex and self-confidence protect against sexual abuse. That's why the explicit portrayal of sex is also pedagogically quite valuable.

By the way: There are aesthetic and legal differences between sex scenes and pornography. TATORT movies does not show porn scenes. And 'harmless' sex scenes are not even pornographic, when they show 'homosex'. "

Encouragement of the youth
JAN SCHNORRENBERG lives in Berlin and is registered on Twitter @SPEKTRALLINIE. In his account you'll find the keywords "cultural studies / inter net / homo lobby / green". Relating to the gay penetration scene in TATORT he has published two short tweets.

Tweet 1
"Oh people. Commissioner Karow likes to get fucked. AND he is bi. Get over it. It's 2016."

Tweet 2
"And: The sovereign reaction of commissioner Karow certainly will empower so many gay or bisexual youth!"

Overcoming penetration anxiety
NIEDERGEMEIERT & JAN SCHNORRENBERG encourage young people to accept their own sexuality and to live it out boldly. The TATORT movie WE-YOU-THEY points also in this direction. Commissioner Karow has said the same in other words. As he reflects the jammed reactions on his gay sex, he says to his fellow-commissioner Rubin, judging on his colleagues: "These are primates with penetration anxiety. I'm mostly over it." Accordingly, it is nowadays more important than ever, to overcome the penetration anxiety. That is the fear, to become involved with a female or male partner in relationship and real sex.

Commissioner Karow's reaction to his colleague (Tim Kalkhof) who watched his penetration:
"No no no. Stay nice in the room. I'm back. In contrast to you I'm well fucked."

A free Summary of the three statements:


 A clear encouragement for all young people,
to live out their own sexuality with self-confidence.

- TATORT movies do not show porn scenes,
but very normal sex.

- All explicit sexual depictions on TV,
whether homo, hetero or bi, are pedagogically valuable.

- Young people, you are not alone. Everywhere is fucked!


Fuck or get fucked, with male or female, 
everything is natural.

take courage for sex,
and live it out absolutely normal!


Primates, overcome your penetration anxiety!

Watching real sex on television or on laptop: 
Which influence have such scenes for the fantasy and the life of young people?

Invitation to RSM Visitors:
Please tell your Opinion!

- What's the effect of sex scenes on young people?

- Is it educational meanigful to show young people
real sex in films and televison?

- Does pornographic sex strengthen
the self-confidence of the youth?

- Does same-sex destroy the healthy
and natural intimate love feeling?

- How can be overcome the fear of relationship and sex?

- Does passionate fucking cause 
animalistic and uncontrollable instincts?

The Comment Function 
is at the lower end of the post. 
Please write your own opinion 
with a nickname or anonymous. 
Each contribution is welcome!

TATORT - WIR-IHR-SIE watch online in mediathek
(available till July 3rd 2016)
Men-Fucking-Scene from min 3:44 - min 5:15 (incl. reactions and dialogues)

Download the Gay Penetration Scene

Mark Waschke & Felix Betzin in Tatort - Wir-Ihr-Sie.mp4
Video: mp4, Size: 86.99 MB, Running Time: 1:01 Min

FELIX BETZIN and MARK WASCHKE - Tatort Wir-Ihr-Sie.avi
Video: avi, Size: 59.32 MB, Running Time: 1:33 Min

Two heterosexual actors (Felitz Betzin & Mark Waschke) perform
a gay penetration scene (although the real fuck is extremly short).

XANDER7 - Screenshot Gallery

RESTITUDA - Screenshot Gallery

Sadly there are no sources of this movie on English websites by now.
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