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Wonderful Creation Penis - Appreciation of the Cock by Big Whack Attack

Annother great USA blog about male wanking is BIG WHACK ATTACK. This name firstly has irritaded me. I could not imagine, how "whack" (beat, thrash) and "attack" (big beat offensive) relate to sexuality. My first understanding of a military combat action I could not combine with the satisfactory action of healthy masturbation, as this blog was described. The solution of the enigma was given by the blog operator, when he explained: 
"Here in the US, 'whack off' is another way to say 'jack off.' So, a Big Whack Attack is when the need to masturbate is so urgent that it must be done. This is what makes English so difficult - there are so many uses of a word. We also say 'beat off,' 'beat your meat,' 'flog the log,' 'spank the monkey,' 'whack the willie' - all meaning masturbation; and all words which could be used in other ways."

Part of personal hygiene should also be to care for the cock and rub it with skin oil.

Wonderful Creation Penis

An Instrument for the BIG WHACK ATTACK
The male penis is - as well as the female cunt - a wonderful creation that we need diverse. When the Big Whack Attack happens to a man and he feels the pressure to masturbate, he needs his genital of course for Do It Yourself. So his cock is very important to carry out stroking on the path of masturbation. The shapeshifter between the legs should be used as an precious instrument for self-love. The full erected penis artistically played with nimble fingers brings to sound the carnal desire. So finally redemption succeeds with the lustful tone of self-satisfaction.

No Shame but Appreciation
The blog BIG WHACK ATTACK will encourage people - women as well as men -  that a man's genitals are not dirty, or lewd, or offensive as they have been labeled by many societies. It belongs to the core beliefs of the administrator that we have no reason to be ashamed of them. We should not be made to feel ashamed of them, of how they function, nor how we enjoy them. On the contrary: We should be grateful about the wonderful creation of human nature and always appreciateit. 

Meaningful Considerations
The mastermind of the BIG WHACK ATTACK has send me an inspiring text about the cock to publish it on RSM. So the visitors of this blog can read his thoughts on the male genital. It's a meaningful appreciation of the penis.  And I say THANK YOU for this stimulating gift from a like-minded friend. 

The penis as artful hard-on phallus symbol.

Appreciation of the Cock

by Big Whack Attack

The Penis, Phallus, Cock, Dick ... Shapeshifter or Lust Contributor. Whatever name one gives it, it should be said with pride. For it is a source of pride - or should be. A man's cock is his best friend. From the time he discovers the wonderful and pleasurable sensations it provides to the end of life, his cock is with him always. It defines him. At birth, it names him "male." Through life he comes to define himself by it. "I am a man," he declares.

Even the simple task of reaching into pants and taking it out to piss, it provides pleasure. The sensation of urine flowing through it, the holding of it, the clearing and shaking of it. The careful cleansing of it when we bathe. The exquisite feel of waking up to find it hard and thick, standing proudly erect for anyone present to look upon.

The hours and hours of pleasure it provides are not always borne of Lust. No, it can - and often should be - borne of self-awareness, being mindful and thankful of all it offers us. To lovingly stroke it, to touch it with reverence, to revel in those sensations is a means to honor it.

In ancient societies, the Phallus was honored, it was worshiped. This was done because it is the staff of life - that something so hard delivered the soft and slick liquid possessing the seed of procreation.

The world must learn again to honor the Cock. Cease the ridicule of size; cease the embarrassment of an erection; cease the shaming of self-honor. The Cock is a miraculous piece of nature, it's physiological functioning pure wonder. Every single one, no matter size or subtle difference in shape, flaccid or raging hard, is a thing of beauty. Be proud of it. Be proud of every erection. There is no reason to hide it - for this gift has been provided by nature herself, and functions as nature intended.

The cock always will be stroked in hand during sensual wanking. 

Contact: Just one life-long whack atack

The most amazing and joyful function of the cock is jerking off sperm.

Masturbation Path to Ecstasy - Connecting with Myself by Sebastian

There are many blogs and websites which are focussed on the sexual theme masturbation. Their most important mission is: to promote masturbation at all levels and in each possible way. And to encourage all visitors to practise self-love. One of the inspiring Do It Yourself websites is SEBASTIANBLOG on Tumblr. His MEN AND SEXUALITY PAGE publishes Gay and Bi Themes in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Therefore often a stimulating picture is connected with a poem or with a thoughts text  to mark the artistical site of sexuality.

Relaxed and with deep breathing the man lies on his bed completely naked
and ready to start a spiritual and sensual wank with body and soul.

Masturbation Path to Ecstasy:

Connecting with Myself

by Sebastian

The runner of SEBASTIANBLOG has send the following poem on masturbation. About the origin of the text he wrote to me: 

"You may have seen my poems on masturbation, but here's one that I composed a while ago while masturbating in an attic bedroom of a friend's house while visiting  him and his wife in another state;  It was a quiet, solitary time for self love and communication. I'd like to share it as it covers the intensely personal path to ecstasy I followed:"

He has deep connected his body with his soul and his feeling with his cock
while he celebrates natural satisfaction of his flesh desire in unity with the nature.

Connecting with Myself

Fingertips gently caressing
My ball sac
Feeling the furrows,
Wrinkles in the skin
Strands of hair
Like blades of grass
As I prepare for the feast
To cum, setting the table
As it were with this
Delightful hors d'oeuvre.

Like a tickle
Hot and cold
My fingers know
So well how
To arouse my
Cock that now
Stands tall
Though not
Yet touched.
That will cum later.

My left thumb
And index finger
Squeeze each nip
Bring a bit of pain
As my right fingers
Continue caressing
My balls
Feeling around
Each one
Tracing their shape
Between my fingers
So adept at this foray
Yet again
Loving myself.

Communication is deep
Within my soul
As my cock gets
Longer and harder
Thicker around
Waiting for my
Fist to grab hold
And starting
The up and down
Motion that I
Know so well.

Oh how I love to masturbate!
But I don't want to hurry
No, I want to savor
The pleasures deeply within
My consciousness
Slowly enjoying the moments
Of pleasing tensions
Building in intensity
As my fingertips continue
To caress my sacred
Orbs beneath my rod.

It is truly beautiful
The way I communicate
With myself
Privately feasting
Secretively longing
Wanting to serve
The next course
But holding back
Not wanting to
Move too fast.

The fingers of
Both my hands
Move from my balls
To my thighs
Back to my balls
Onto my stomach
Chest, nipples, pits
Back down again
As if dancing
Across the ballroom
Where my table
Is set so elegantly.

At last my fingers
Find their way
To my cock
Gently touching
Up and down
On all sides
Of my staff
Standing proudly
Towering over
My balls that
Lie beneath.

I caress them
As I loosely
Form a ring
With my other
Hand around
The staff
Beginning the
Up and down
Motion that we
All know so well
No, this is not
Just about me
It’s about us
Having jacked
Ourselves since
Quite young.

But now we know
How to practice
This fine art
Slowly bringing
Ourselves up the hill
Pausing, even stopping
Starting again
Over and over
As we edge
Our way
To the hilltop.

So gorgeous
Is the cock.
Rounded head
Like a helmet
Sitting on top
Of a long column
Nature has
Put for me
And you
To admire
As we play
A sweet song
With ourselves
Beautiful music
Like a symphony
Or a work
Of art.

No hurry
I'll take my time
And so should you.
We build
Toward the climax
That cums when
We want to
Pass the point
Of no return
The explosive
Ecstasy that follows
And the aftermath
Of warm
Relaxed sensation
As sleep overtakes
Our wakefulness.

We savor
This rest
And we
Are thankful
For the pleasures
That are ours
To enjoy
Whenever we
Want to
In this wonderful
Way deeply
Within our
A few moments
Of Heaven on Earth.
A blessing we
Give ourselves.

After a sensual cock masturbation he reaches the climax of jerkig off.


Source:  SEBASTIANBLOG – Men and Sexualitiy
Gay and Bi Themes in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences



Making Love



At the summit of pleasure he reaches the goal of self-love: orgasm & ecstasy.